Oldham Hulme Grammar School – 0161 624 4497

Contact Oldham Hulme Grammar on their number for reception 0161 624 4497 if your child is a prospective student so you can enquire about tuition fees or the compulsory entrance exam before any school places can be offered.

About Oldham Hulme Grammar School

Oldham Hulme Grammar was founded in the 19th century after an earlier version of the school that dated back from 1611 became defunct. Oldham Hulme is a fee-paying institution following a period in 1946 to 1976 where it functioned as a direct grant grammar school. However, Oldham Hulme Grammar now acts as an independent school that selects its students following an interview process. The school was formerly known as Hulme Grammar before adding Oldham to its name, which is fitting to the area it is located in.

Reception – 0161 624 4497

Call Oldham Hulme Grammar on their Manchester rate number 0161 624 4497 to contact a member of the reception staff. Callers can discuss their general enquiries including how much the school fees cost per term or per year before also asking about the direct debits process when making payments to Oldham Grammar. You can also ask to be forwarded to the bursar so that you can discuss the available bursaries and scholarships that could reduce the cost of tuition. Alternatively, callers can enquire about the donations process if they would like to register as a sponsor for the independent school.

You can also contact Oldham Hulme reception if your child is currently enrolled at the school as you will need to report their absence by telephone if they are sick or will be late for registration. Alternatively parents of prospective students can call to ask for the date of the next Oldham Hulme Grammar open evening so that they can present their enquires to a member of the teaching staff in person.

Admissions – 0161 624 4497

Call Oldham Hulme with your admissions enquiries using their local rate number 0161 624 4497 if you are interested in a place for your child at the grammar school. However as a grammar school, Oldham Hulme reserves the right to test its applicants on merit with an entrance exam before inviting any prospective students to interview. Therefore parents can also call to enquire about the best way to help their child prepare for the compulsory entrance exam while also asking about the curriculum they will be tested on depending on their year of entry.

Call Costs

Oldham Hulme Grammar School uses a Manchester rate number meaning that callers will be charged the standard per-minute rate for local calls from either landline or mobiles. However you may be able to contact the school for free if you are using up an inclusive free minutes offered by your service provider.

Write to Oldham Hulme Grammar

If you would like to send a written enquiry or a piece of documentation that may support your child’s application then you should do so using the following postal address: Oldham Hulme Grammar School, Chamber Rd, Oldham, OL8 4BX, United Kingdom.